Friday, March 11, 2011

Week 8

The additions to the Web Site are proceeding. I attended the meeting that unveiled the new Web Site to the various department heads within the museum. The image below illustrates the current museum home page.

At this time the Web Site is very basic. The new Site will feature more content in the collection, exhibitions, and calendar sections, as well as in other blocks. The new site is cleaner and easier to navigate. All of the department heads were very impressed, and offered very positive feedback. The site is expected to launch on March 21. Ms. Preston, and several others have been working very hard to update this Site, and the improvements that will be made available will benefit everyone.

In addition, work on the institutional archive continues. Another graduate student from the University of Alabama (Brandi), has come onto the project. She completed work on one of the Wedgwood archives, and will now help with the creation of the finding aid, and final preservation of the institutional archive.    

The image on top shows the files as they were sorted form their original boxes. The lower image illustrates how they are being stored alphabetically in archival standard files and boxes. With the help of Brandi, this project will begin to move much faster.

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