Friday, February 18, 2011

week 5

As I worked on the archive this week I learned more about the ongoing efforts to expand shelving in the Hanson Library. I also learned about preservation, and what to do about archival objects that have been damaged.

The image above illustrates the planned shelving expansion. Since the library is non-circulating, the circulation desk would be removed and replaced with tables and seating for patrons. This is represented by the three orange table areas in the above plan. Where tables are currently located could then be used to extend the current shelves for the collection, as depicted by the black bars above. Ms. Preston showed me a document that described the shelving process, and explained that she and other museum staff had considered the option of collapsible shelving. Ultimately it was decided that this option was not practical as the cost was prohibitive, and patron access would be more limited.    

In addition to the ongoing shelving issue, while working on the archive I identified a number of items that were water damaged and moldy. These items were separated form the collection, and prompted a discussion on archival preservation. Freezing moldy items, and what to do with film that has deteriorated due to vinegar syndrome were discussed. The items in question for this archve were exhibition catalogs.  Several copies of these items were kept, so it was decided to dispose of the moldy sets. I am pictured below placing these items in the trash receptical.


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